Mock draft: Dennis Schroeder is a young Rondo

ESPN’s Chad Ford has the Celtics taking German point guard Dennis Schroeder (6-2, 195) in his latest mock draft. Here’s the write up on the 19-year-old Schroeder:

Analysis: With Rajon Rondo‘s future up in the air, could the Celtics take the guy who many scouts compare to a young Rondo? Both are quick, long and have huge hands. Both play a frantic style of basketball and both have swagger. The rumors flying around Chicago were that Schroeder had a promise from a team. The Celtics seem like just the sort of team that would try to lock him down.


  • Super quick guard
  • Great speed in the open court
  • Huge wingspan for a PG
  • Excellent ball handler
  • Lethal penetrator
  • Aggressive attacking the basket
  • Solid passer off penetration


  • Needs to add strength
  • Basketball IQ could use improvement
  • More of a scoring than passing PG

Again, with the “Rondo’s future is up in the air” commentary by ESPN. Just because Derrick Rose needed more than one year to recover from an ACL injury, that doesn’t mean Rondo won’t be healthy in the fall.

According to this scouting report, the major difference between Schroeder and Rondo appears to be that Schroeder has a “score first” mentality. I see that as a positive. The Celtics offense needs diversity.

Gonzaga’s Kelly Olynyk and Syracuse’s Michael Carter-Williams have also been linked to the Celtics in mock drafts.