Your Morning Dump… Where Pitt center Steven Adams is linked to the Celtics

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With or without the core of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce — two players who may not be in Boston when training camp opens — the Celtics need size. Adams is a project; the consensus among executives is that he will spend most or all of next season in the D-League, where he can get used to the speed of an NBA-level game. But Adams oozes potential. At 7 feet, 254 pounds with a wingspan of 7-5 and enormous hands (9.5 inches long, 11 inches wide), Adams is a physical specimen with extraordinary athletic ability who showed nice range for a big man at the combine. – Mannix mock draft 2.0

After watching Fab Melo lumber through his rookie season, I’m wary of the Celtics drafting another raw big man. The obvious difference between Melo and Adams is the athleticism. Watch some of the highlight reel and you’ll notice that Adams can move.

While Chris Mannix projects Adams will start in the D-League, Brian Scalabrine thinks the 7-footer can make an impact immediately:

“He could play for them next year,” Scalabrine said yesterday in between workouts. “As long as (the Celtics) have (Rajon) Rondo, Kevin (Garnett), Paul Pierce, (Jared) Sullinger and Jeff Green, he’s a rotational big on that team.”

“The fact he hasn’t played for long is what makes him so special. I don’t know what is going on in the war room, or what they’re planning, but (Adams) is a great fit. With his ability to roll to the basket, Kevin can go back to (power forward). It’s very draining for Kevin to keep playing the 5 the way he has. They don’t have a big who rolls (to the basket) like this. Imagine Rondo with him rolling, and Kevin picking and popping.

Add Adams to the likes of Gorgui Deng and Kelly Olynyk – two other big men linked to the Celtics in mock drafts.

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