Your Morning Dump… Where Doc would rather not say what his plans are

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Rivers said he needed to “detox” after the season and apologized for being inaccessible to reporters. But he would not give any indication whether he will be back for a 10th season although president of basketball operations Danny Ainge told the Globe last month that Rivers had planned to return.

Rivers himself has not confirmed that and with the Celtics season being over for five weeks, speculation has grown that the beloved coach is seriously considering stepping down.

When asked if he is still in the decision-making process, Rivers told the Globe “I’d rather not say.” Although he has not been available to the media, Rivers has been present for pre-draft workouts and has discussed the future of the season on several occasions with Ainge.

Globe: Rivers remains mum on future

The speculation won’t stop now that Doc has directly addressed his coaching future in Boston by saying nothing.

Is he waiting in an effort to influence what happens with Pierce and Garnett?  Is he waiting so as not to influence a Pierce and Garnett decision?  Is he playing coy because the media hasn’t said the magic word? (hint:  It’s “please”)

Who knows?

What I know is what I see, and what I’ve seen is a guy who’s been back in Boston, who has communicated with players and who’s been in on draft workouts, and who gave Danny Ainge enough of a definitive word about his future that he declared that Doc was coming back a month ago.

Of course, that may mean nothing if there’s another outside influence going on.  Maybe Doc’s “detox” isn’t going like he thought it would.  But this is starting to reach ridiculous levels.  Personally, I’m tired of the constant non-updates.

I believe that Doc is coming back because everyone is acting like he’s coming back, including himself.  He hasn’t said it officially for some reason, and that might be an unknown reason that ultimately makes me wrong about this.  But for now, I’m still approaching this as if he’s coming back.

Not much other news out there.  Jason Kidd wants to coach the Nets, apparently, which would be a very interesting decision.  And Miami turned a close Game 2 into a blowout.  Seriously… San Antonio was up 1 with 3 minutes to go in the 3rd.  They were down 10 by the end of the quarter, and down 27 by the 7:13 mark of the 4th.  A 28 point swing in about 8 minutes of play.  That’s a ridiculous outburst.