Doc, KG to Clips talks may have fallen apart

Clippers moving forward without Doc Rivers, now prepared to offer job to Brian Shaw or Lionel Hollins next week, sources

— Brad Turner (@BA_Turner) June 15, 2013


Doc Rivers been informed Clippers won’t accept Celtics offer. Rivers prepared to stay in Boston, sources.

— Brad Turner (@BA_Turner) June 15, 2013

That was fast.  A few hours ago, a KG-to-LA in a “trade” that involved Doc Rivers was allegedly going hot and heavy.   All the local guys were chiming in with their sources too, making it seem like this thing was heading towards an inevitable departure for Doc, KG, and maybe even Pierce.

Now it looks like the talks are dead… which could be a negotiating tactic.  Or it could be that talks really are dead.

Biggest reason Clippers are reluctant to part with Bledsoe in deal to Celtics? Besides he’s a trade asset, Rivers wants to coach him w/ CP3.

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) June 15, 2013

This story has turned into a Hopper commercial

“That sure was a crazy 15 seconds of rumors!”

I have no freakin’ idea what’s going to happen next.  Not a single clue.  If it’s time to break up the band and it happens…. then it happens.  It’ll suck and I’ll hate it, but I understand.  We moved on from Larry Bird, we’ll move on from this.

If they come back, then they come back.  Great.  We’ll figure it out later (it’s going to be a f’ing insane trade deadline next February).

Stay tuned, I guess.  Because this could change in a few minutes.