My apology to Stephen A. Smith


Back on May 6th, Stephen A. Smith “reported” on First Take that he was hearing talk about the Celtics moving Doc Rivers, KG and Paul Pierce to the Clippers. He promptly tweeted that we shouldn’t rule out anything between the Clippers and Celtics. The rumor was so absurd to us, that we didn’t deem it worthy of an individual post. 

About a month later, as Smith reported possible tension between Danny Ainge and Rivers, I mocked him for failing to follow up on his claim.

Fast forward to mid-June and, as we’ve seen from the deluge of trade reports over the past week, it turns out that Stephen A. Smith was right.


In my defense, Stephen A. isn’t the most accurate when he starts reporting behind-the-scenes action.

But he was correct in this situation and I was… wrong.

FWIW: I reserve the right to use the term blowhole in future posts about SAS.