Your Morning Dump… Where Doc was never going to be here long-term


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Doc Rivers never planned to be a part of the Celtics’ rebuilding process, and the club was basically aware of that fact when he signed his latest contract, a source told the Herald yesterday.

That person further insisted the coach did not initiate the process that may yet send him to the Clippers for compensation, though that possibility seemed to be growing more distant last night.


According to a person with knowledge of the situation, Rivers was deciding between returning to the Celtics and stepping away from the game when the club asked him if he’d be interested in any of the coaching jobs that were opening around the league. Rivers was said to have no interest in the Nets, who had fired his friend Avery Johnson during the season.

He was then asked if the Clippers job appealed to him, and it was then he learned the Celts had already had preliminary discussions with that team on releasing Rivers from the last three years of his contract and thus making him available. The Celtics were looking to accelerate the reworking of their roster and seeing what return they could get on all their assets, Rivers included.

Herald: Doc Rivers, C’s, planned for an early exit

If this story is true, then this situation was handled with all the grace, and predictably messy results, of an old married couple exploring a threesome.

“So… would you be interested in anyone else.”
“Well… maybe”
“Great!! Me too.  In fact, I’ve already talked to someone, and they’re waiting upstairs in the bedroom!”
“Oh……… ok….. I guess we’re doing this then”

Of course, that’s IF that story is true.  I question it because I’d wonder why Doc signed a 5-year deal knowing he’d be done in 2 or 3… unless Danny Ainge convince him to do so as a back up plan to get compensation down the road.

But honestly, that story feels like a whole lotta groundwork to absolve Doc of a whole lotta blame.  This could be the way Danny falls on the sword, takes all the heat, and lets Doc come back as the innocent guy who went along with the plan.


This could all be part of the dance that’s necessary to convince the league office to allow separate deals for Doc to go to LA for compensation and then let Kevin Garnett go in a trade.

I honestly believe “sources” are starting to play the media a little bit.  Not that I think these guys are gullible and will print anything.  I just think these sources are coming out with specific agendas after their leaks blew the cover during a deal that violated the CBA.

(By the way, the reason it violates the CBA is a coach’s salary doesn’t count against the team’s payroll.  The CBA has very specific rules about matching salaries, and trading coaches would be a way to circumvent those rules.  If this was allowed, teams could starting throwing coaches into trades as sweeteners that allowed trades to go through without any additional salary being added)

Let’s walk through yesterday….

The deal was done, waiting for Donald Sterling’s approval when in came the league and said “you can’t do that.

Then came the little dance of “well, we need to make it look like we’re negotiating again”… which leads us to the Clippers offering NO compensation for Doc to leave.  That was followed by the above quoted article… the “well, maybe Doc could stay”… and then the Woj Bomb that Denver actually inquired about Doc, and offered a #1 pick as compensation.

The Celtics message is “you know, we’ve got other suitors, but we’ll be fine if he stays.”  The Clippers message is “fine, we don’t want your coach anyway.”  And the public will slowly become convince that these teams can’t work it out.

That’s when one of the deals gets done.  One guy goes, and then the “negotiations” begin for the other.

I think both of them are gone.  And now that the Finals are over, we can really start seeing some progress.

It’s an ugly, messy, confusing  situation that we all want to end.  Hopefully we can get a resolution soon.

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