Your Morning Dump… Where Vitor Faverani is “El Hombre Indestructible”

vitor faverani


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The scouting report from those who have watched Faverani overseas is nearly universal: a skilled and athletic offensive player but a question mark on the defensive end.

That’s confirmed by the advanced stats from his play overseas. In 34 games for Valencia last season, Faverani averaged 0.976 points per play (324 points over 332 plays), which ranked him in the 72nd percentile among all international players, according to Synergy Sports data. His post numbers won’t wow you (0.888 ppp), but he thrived last season in the pick-and-roll (1.2 ppp) and off of offensive rebounds (1.361 ppp). He’s prone to turnovers, but his offensive skills are obvious.

ESPN Boston:  Vitor Faverani brings size, intrigue to Boston

In describing Faverani’s strengths and weaknesses, both offensively and defensively, the scout noted that Faverani can shoot and that offense, overall, is his biggest strength.

“That’s what puts him on the floor – being hard to guard versus mismatches,” the scout said. “He was never considered a defender/rebounder. He can run, is a good athlete.”

A Western Conference scout provided this take:

“He has got an NBA frame and great wingspan. He is pretty athletic and likes to work on the defensive end of the floor. He has good feet and he is good in (pick-and-roll) defense.

“He is active, can block shots from the weak side and likes to bang. This is where his nickname “El Hombre Indestructible” comes from.

Globe:  NBA scouts give their take on Faverani

I’m learning about this guy right along with you all.

Faverani has reportedly agreed to a deal that’s worth $6 million over 3 years… but Hoopsworld puts the deal a 4 years, $9 million and has it structured like a typical rookie contract with two guaranteed years, a non-guaranteed 3rd year, and a qualifying offer for a 4th year.  So it’s unclear exactly what the contract is worth at the moment.  Really, the only difference between the two is the 4th-year qualifying offer heading into restricted free agency.

One of the scouts in the Globe piece says Faverani has addressed immaturity issues that kept him from being drafted in 2009.  And by all accounts, we’re looking at a guy who likes to get down and dirty under the basket and who can display some level of effectiveness on offense.  This mirrors what our friend, and international basketball aficionado Jeff Garcia told us when the reports of signing Faverani first surfaced.

There seem to be questions about what he’ll bring to the table defensively.  I guess at that point, it’ll be up to Brad Stevens and the coaching staff to come up with a scheme that will help hide any deficiencies he may have.  Besides, with KG back there to help him out, I’m sure he’ll pick it up a li………… ooooh, sorry.  Force of habit.

In the end, approximately $2 million a year is nothing when it comes to taking a chance on a big man.  And with a nickname like “El Hombre Indestructible,” there’s at least a chance he could earn his money as an irritant.  Hell, throw him out there against Brooklyn and have him needle Garnett a bit.  I don’t know why, but I’m dying to see how C’s fans react to KG when he starts yapping at and elbowing our guys.

Hey, who knows… maybe Ainge found a bargain here.  If we’re lucky, the high concentration of Brazilian players will draw Adriana Lima into the crowd for a game or two.  That’d be good enough for me.

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