George Karl refers to the Knicks situation as “hell”


As KWAPT pointed out in yesterday’s Dump, the Knicks are a mess. They’ve lost 9 straight and, at 3-13, occupy the basement of the Eastern conference. Carmelo Anthony is arguing with his teammates in huddles.

Former Nuggets coach George Karl was asked about his future in coaching and casually referenced the situation in New York:

Q: So what’s the plan? Wait for the phone to ring?

A: There are days I wish it would ring and there are days I don’t want it to ring. I mean, I watch the Knicks play and I wouldn’t want to be in that hell for a million dollars. It’s just New York City and the Garden and the immensity of the pressure. I think Mike Woodson is standing up to it with tremendous integrity.

This catastrophe couldn’t happen to a better “superstar” or franchise.

The cherry on this crap sundae? Even if the Knicks end up in the lottery, their 1st round pick is going to Denver (or Orlando).