Celtics to appeal one of Sullinger’s flagrant fouls

Ainge: celtics will appeal the first of Jared Sullinger’s 2 Flagrant 1 fouls last night.

— Mark Murphy (@Murf56) January 8, 2014


Of the second flagrant – elbow to Faried’s chin – Ainge said he understood why. He only questions foul on Hickson, the 1st F1 on Sullinger.

— Mark Murphy (@Murf56) January 8, 2014


I agree with Danny Ainge. Sullinger got a lot of ball on the Hickson foul. It looks worse because he brought down both arms and Hickson’s momentum is what really sent him flying. At least that’s how I see it from my green tinted glasses. Gerald Wallace is a fan of Sullinger’s rough play:

“I’m just happy to at least see someone from our bigs give a hard foul,” said Wallace. “He’s the only big willing to give a hard foul to not give up a layup. I’ll take that all day. We shouldn’t allow the other team’s guards to lay it up and dunk on us. I applaud him for that.”

Asked if he was worried Sullinger would curtail his physical play as a result, Wallace shook his head.

“I don’t think so, you know what I’m saying?” said the veteran Celtics forward. “If you’re going to build a reputation for being a hard-nosed player, you have to keep it going. It’s not like he’s going out there trying to hurt people or intentionally knock people out. He’s playing hard in the paint. A lot of bigs do that. Hopefully it turns around for us.”

As Chris mentioned in the Dump, Jared Sullinger is one flagrant foul away from getting a suspension.

As for Marshon Brooks, Murphy reports he’ll be back with the team on Friday against Golden State. Yippee.