Your Morning Dump… Where Steve Pagliuca better be a lucky bastard


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How is Celtics co-owner Steve Pagliuca doing these days?

“Just trying to feel lucky,” he said with a laugh Friday.

His team is hoping for just that after it announced that Pagliuca will be representing the Celtics at the NBA draft lottery May 20 in New York.

Tom Heinsohn represented the Celtics at that (2007) lottery, and Celtics fans hope Pagliuca can bring them more luck this time around. As a good luck charm, Pagliuca said he’s planning on wearing a tie that Celtics patriarch Red Auerbach gave him in 2002 when a group that included Pagliuca bought the team.

It’s an older tie, Pagliuca said, perhaps from the 1950s, and it’s blue with a green stripe.

“I think it even has a little leprechaun on it,” he said.

Pagliuca said he’s also open to any suggestions.

“I’m excited,” he said. “It should be fun.”


Nothing against Steve Pagliuca, but I was hoping the Celtics would get creative with their representation at the draft lottery.

There was a big push on social media for Louis Corbett – the New Zealand boy with a degenerative eye condition who was flown to Boston recently so he could see a Celtics game – but I never thought the Celtics would give him serious consideration.

The legendary Bill Russell led our online poll, followed by Mike Gorman and Rajon Rondo.

Here’s the problem – this organization makes use of its legends better than any other. We see the likes of Russ, Tommy, JoJo, Hondo, Max and Dave Cowens all the time. There aren’t many surprises left.

So we’re stuck with Pags and his lucky tie.

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On Page 2, the Blazers Damon Lillard is a cold-blooded Rockets killer.

Props to Lillard for drilling that series clinching jumper, but he was way too open for my liking.

The best part of that video clip? Dwight Howard’s frown. Suck it, bro.

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