Marcin Gortat seems pretty open to joining the Celtics

gortat tweet

Marcin Gortat (@MGortat on the tweet machine) has expressed a fondness for Boston in the past.  But today the free agent center has made it sort of obvious that he’d be open to coming to Boston with a retweet of a Photoshopped picture of himself in Celtics gear.  Nowadays, that’s one step short of knocking on Danny Ainge’s door.

Jay talked about Gortat a bit this morning.  I like Gortat too, but the question is mostly about his price tag.  He made $7.7 million last year, and if he demands a raise, he might price himself out of Boston.  If he’s just looking for more years rather than more money, then maybe the C’s can throw him a 3 or 4 year deal.

A big plus for Gortat if he joins the C’s… no more getting faked out by Rondo.

(h/t: PlayersInGreen)